If a problem tree is threatening the structural integrity of your building, don’t worry because you can rely on the family owned and operated Timber Tree Service for 24/7 service. Our highly skilled team has trimmed, clipped and cut down trees all over the Durham Region.

Our professional tree care services will help you with all of your needs.

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When a branch or tree limb dies they break off. Sometimes these limbs get caught on other branches and can become a safety hazard. Dead limbs are also not healthy for tree growth, as the limb can rot and spread to other parts of the tree. Fallen limbs can become dangerous in high winds and if left unattended can attract pests and diseases.

Timber Tree Services is fully licensed to safely removed dead wood and has the expertise to do it quickly and efficiently.

Got a stubborn stump? Don’t break your back trying to remove it yourself.

A stump grinder grinds up a stump into small pieces, which can be reused as mulch or ground cover. No stump remains above ground after and the roots are left to decay over time.

Stump grinding can be a great choice if you are looking to save money and want the stump removed quickly. Grinding a stump also does not leave a hole behind. Timber Tree specializes in removing stumps with tools designed specifically for this task.

Tree thinning is a process of removing limbs and branches from a tree to allow more light to pass through. This a good tree care technique that helps reduce wind resistance, allowing a tree to become stronger in poor weather. Thinning is a technique that should only be attempted by professionals who have experience and know-how to not remove too many branches and leave a tree intact and healthy. Correct tree thinning reduces each limbs weight and can improve the overall health of a tree. Tree thinning is a similar process to dead wooding and both services can be carried out at the same time, so let Timber Tree take care of that.

When a trees growth is slowing down or if you have experience a particularly dry season then deep root feeding might be a good way to help rejuvenate your tree. Deep root feeding is a process where nutrients are delivered to the deep soil around the roots of a tree so that it has a larger reserve during its dormant dryer months in the fall and winter. Deep root feeding helps boost a tree’s health, making it resistant to insects, parasites and disease.

Let Timber Tree expertise take good care of your tree!


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