Did you know that cutting and pruning your trees yearly can promote good tree health? Simply, cutting dead tree branches and limbs off of a tree can help promote healthy growth of new limbs and branches which helps to make your trees more beautiful. Also, dead branches and limbs should always be removed first before any additional pruning or cutting.


Another great reason for ensuring your trees are cut and pruned (especially the large ones) is for the safety of your family and neighbors. The reality is that most large dead branches aren’t always visible. If a large branch falls in an area occupied by people or a property, it can cause severe damage, so keep that in mind if you are hesitant about pruning or cutting any large trees.


One more thing to remember is to always use a professional when pruning or cutting your trees and shrubs, especially the large ones. There may be a cost to you if you have these jobs done, but it is always best to leave tree cutting and pruning to a professional.


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